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We are planting coral reef with every order

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Our story

Inspired by the ocean

With a background in shark conservation and marine biology, our founder Amalie wanted to connect people to the ocean through ocean inspired jewellery.

Our aspiration is to create magical, long lasting jewellery pieces. We try our best to be responsible in our production and choose materials limiting the pressure on our planet and have made it our mission to put awareness on and help rebuild our ocean's coral reefs. Join our global community and become a part of the mission.

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We plant corals with every order

coral reef restoration

The world has lost 50% of its coral reefs, and by 2050 we will only have 10% left if we don't take action. Help us rebuild the ocean's coral reefs, one piece of jewellery at a time.



Lovely products and amazing client service. So happy with my shark teeth necklace 🦈💙

Anna Rocamora, Andorra

Vandaya is one of my favorite jewelry brands!! The jewelry is so unique and beautiful and the quality is perfect

Thea, Denmark

My staple piece (Bali Bracelet). I wear this bracelet everyday and it is definitely my favourite piece of jewellery. Amazing design and even better quality!!

Erin M, Australia

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Our bestseller

Fiji Shark Necklace

Years ago, while working on a shark conservation project in Fiji, our founder Amalie discovered a bull shark tooth lying on the sandy bottom during an early morning dive. She kept the tooth, inspiring her to create a shark tooth necklace not harmful to sharks. She created a mold from the shark tooth she found which could be crafted into a timeless jewellery piece capturing her Fiji memories and a piece to be worn by other shark and ocean lovers. The necklace contains to real shark teeth and is safe for sharks.

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