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VANDAYA's commitment to protecting our oceans is deeply rooted in our DNA. 

Our co-founder and CEO Amalie Marstrand has been engaged in marine conservation from a young age. Both through her Marine Biology studies and former while working in Fiji as a volunteer on a shark conservation project, Amalie experienced the dramatic changes of our oceans and coral reefs firsthand and from then on knew that she would be working with ocean conservation. 

At VANDAYA we aim to bring a sustainable and ocean-friendly jewellery alternative to women who as we are passionate about our oceans.


We create responsible jewellery from recycled and ethically sourced materials shipped in plastic-free packaging, leaving no plastic trace behind. And with every piece of jewellery purchased, we support coral reef restoration.


Underwater photography in Fiji. VANDAYA jewellery support coral reef restoration. 


Inspired By nature, guided by conscious

Sustainability has been the core of VANDAYA since the beginning.


We have been focussing on some of the biggest issues our oceans face today and it has been our goal from day one to make sure that we only have a positive impact on our oceans and don't contribute to the challenges our oceans face today.


 VANDAYA jewellery, tropical ethical jewellery, created from recycled metals.



Our oceans face a massive plastic pollution crisis, therefore we have since day 1 aimed to be 100% free from single use plastics. We ship all packages in 100% plastic-free packaging in 100% compostable shipping mailers and or FSC certified mailing boxed, and thereby secure that our business in no way is contributing to plastic pollution of our oceans.


Coral reef restoration project Metamorfosa in Sumberkima, Bali. Work to restore the reef and life in the bay with help from the population.


Our mission

Coral reefs physically make up for less than 1% of the ocean, still, more than 25% of all ocean specie’s life depend on them. There has been a massive decline in coral populations around the world over the past decades and we at VANDAYA have made it our mission to try to ensure coral reefs for the future.

We find most of our inspiration from these pristine ecosystems and we would like to give back to our biggest source of inspiration.

We have teamed up with coral restoration project Metamorfosa in Sumberkima, Northern Bali and we donate 10% of profits to coral restoration efforts, run by Metamorfosa, in Northern Bali.


Metamorfosa is working hard to generate the coral reefs and the forests in the Sumberkima area, together with the community, not only are they doing an incredible job in Bali, but they are an inspiration to the rest of the world where equal measures can be done.



As a slow fashion brand we do not follow the fashion calender, meaning that we do not launch multiple collections every year. 

Our styles are produced in limited stock to avoid wasteage and overproduction. Please note that this means that our styles might not restock again once sold out.