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We create timeless jewellery pieces inspired by the ocean, and give back as we rebuild the ocean's coral reefs one piece of jewellery at a time

The world has already lost 50% of its coral reefs and we will only have 10% left in 2050 if we don’t take action now… together we can change these statistics.

We take design inspiration from the sea and give back as we plant corals for every piece of jewellery sold.

Meet the


In 2017, VANDAYA was founded by Amalie Marstrand. Amalie has been intrigued by the oceans from a very young age, she has spent countless hours underwater, studying marine biology, and working with shark- and ocean conservation in Fiji, but during her dives around the globe, she has seen the ocean's struggles first hand. This inspired her to create VANDAYA, creating awareness on the ocean's struggles, connecting ocean lovers around the globe and to turn things around and make a positive impact in our oceans.

Our story

Our story started with a single shark tooth found
by our founder Amalie, during her work on a shark conservation project in Fiji.
A single bull shark tooth, discovered on the ocean floor, became the catalyst
for our mission, as if we need to preserve the ocean’s sharks, it starts with
preserving our reefs. From the tooth, not just a necklace was created but a
symbol of hope and a pledge and dedication to better the world beneath the
waves with our jewellery pieces. At VANDAYA, every design is an ode to the
ocean. The rhythmic waves, the vibrant corals, and the diverse marine life find
expression in each piece allowing you to carry a piece of the ocean with you,
wherever you go.

Responsible production

At the core of our creative process is a strong sense of responsibility. We view our jewellery not just as an accessory but as a reflection of the world we hope to see and the lasting impact we strive for. Our materials embody this dedication. We have therefore chosen our production partners with care, working with members of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) as well as only using 100% recycled metals, primarily recycled gold and silver in our production.