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Article: Rome travel guide - 4 days in Rome

Rome travel guide - 4 days in Rome - Vandaya

Rome travel guide - 4 days in Rome

We had the pleasure of visiting the romantic capitol of Italy, Rome. The compact city filled with monuments from various times in History, amazing restaurants and a culture of outdoor living, is a must visit and has something to offer all ages. 


Where to eat in Rome 

Italy is know for its rustic but delicate cuisine and is one of the worlds top food travel destinations, so this list could be very long. We have created a smaller list of budget friendly restaurants that have captured the essence of Italian charm and serves great traditional Italian food. So forget your carb intake and diet for a few days and indulge with us in the kitchen of Rome. 



Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina

The one you can't miss! To be honest, we probably could write an entire blog post about this restaurant.

With a selection of al dente pasta dished, a variety of Mediterranean hams and a divine wine selection, Roscioli sums up the best from Italy, Spain and France. We recommend coming here for lunch or to book a table in advance for dinner. The vibe is authentic and casual with focus on the food and it's high quality. The restaurant also offers wine tastings and a large variety of Italian delicatessies you can bring home.  

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This is not a recommendation of a particular restaurant, but more of an area filled with cozy street restaurants covered in ivy plants and sun colored bricks. It is really hard to pick the wrong restaurant in this area since they all serve great traditional food and most places have the same special vibe there is in this area. Here we had an highly recommended pepperoni pizza, which in Italy is a vegetarian pizza with grilled bell peppers. 


Area west of Piazza Navona (Via de Tor Millina)

This is the prefect place for a dinner on a Friday or Saturday night. The streets are vibrant, full of life, (talented) street musicians and people in all ages, enjoying a night out in Rome. We had dinner at Cybo, but many of the restaurants in this area looked amazing. Like many restaurants in Rome, here they serve a selection of traditional Iltalian food like pastas, antipasti and desserts like panna cotta, gelato and tiramisu. At Cybo we had the best tiramisu during our stay, and they have a large selection of cocktails which we enjoyed as a refreshing break from wine.


Ristorante Da Pancrazio at Piazza de Biscione

At this small square, next to Campo de'Fiori, but drawn back from the nice and hectic vibe, are three to four cozy restaurants. We had dinner at Rostorante Da Pancrazio where we had a descent Italian meal and a very good glass of wine. This square just summed up all impressions we had gotten from Italy during our stay. If you are in the area and looking for a place to have dinner in an authentic location with local food, this is a nice place to go. 


A small break in Rome

During a long day of sightseeing and walking the streets of Rome, a coffee break can be much needed. Below is 3 picks for a cup of coffee or an Italian treat.


Elisa (Ice cream)

Located on Via di Propaganda, a hop and a skip from The Spanish Stairs, you will find this boutique coffee and ice cream shop. Besides having a descent cup of coffee, the have a broad selection of the most delicious italian ice creams, pasteries and french (sorry!) macarons. We especially recommend the salted caramel gelato and a lemon macaron. All in all a great place to recharge your batteries before going shopping on Via Condotti. 


The cafés at Piazza Navona 

This one is probably the equivalent of having beers and open faced sandwiches in Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark or having five-o-clock tea at Ritz Hotel in London, UK. You know that it is going to be a little overpriced and crowded, but it still feels authentic and you end up having a good time. Sitting in the café overlooking Piazza Navona and the Fountain of Four Rivers (made by Bernini) in the center of the square, you almost wait for Robert Langdon, from bestselling Dan Brown novel Angels and Demons, to show up. 



Drinks with a view in Rome 


Casina Valadier

In the same park as the zoo and museum of modern art, you'll find Casina Valadier. This building is perfected down to the last little detail. This can be used as a wedding venue, but normally it has it's terrace open for dining guests. They have the most beautiful view over the city and is the perfect place to have a drink and watch the sunset while wild parrots fly in and out of the orange trees above you. If you are on a romantic getaway, you have to bring your loved one here! 


Il Palazzetto

This is a beautiful hotel next to The Spanish Steps, but you can also enjoy their rooftop bar with an amazing view, as a guest. Here you literally feel on top of the world.


What to see in Rome 

All the classics

When going to Rome there are a long list of must see monuments. The Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trajan's column, The Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, the Vatican and the list continues. We managed to see them all in 3 days in combination with our other recommendations on this list. Most of them are close and in walking distance of one another.



Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

The National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art offers a great collection of contemporary artists. If you are interested in modern art, this is a must visit. The museum itself is extremely beautiful and its classic look is a great contrast to the more colorful extravagant pieces of art exhibited. We recommend the museums café before or after enjoying the exhibitions. 


Bvlgari museum // Palazzo Venezia

We were just lucky enough to see the Bulgaria exhibition before it closed on the 3rd og November. This was the most beautiful exhibition about the story of the jewelry brand with a selection of displayed jewelry and beautiful couture dresses. Keep an eye on what exhibitions there are in beautiful Palazzo Venezia. The history of the castle itself is interesting and the castle is worth a visit.


Via Condotti

This is the most fashionable street in Rome or at least it houses all the big fashion houses' stores. Have your wallet filled if you visit this temptatious street or just go watch the artistic window displays.



Bio park Roma

What to do in Rome with kids? Zoo is the answer. This bio park/zoo is small so it won't take more that half a day to see all its inhabitants. This is a good way for you and your kids to learn about animals. You can easily enjoy this zoo on a couples trip too. The zoo is very tropical with many exotic plants and is very calm compared to the hectic piazzas in Rome. 


We hope you will enjoy your trip to Rome!

Xo Nicklas and Amalie, VANDAYA

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